Friday, August 10, 2012

On the Road

We are in Michigan with friends and family.
Always where we are called to be.
Free to come and go as we are guided.
Living life with freedom and trust.

Are you trusting you are in your right place?
Are you doing the right thing for you?
Do you believe you are on time and all is in order?
I am in the right place at the right time doing the right thing for the right reasons.” 

When we know, it is so.
When we doubt, we lose faith and trust and confidence.
What if we are always “on purpose”, even when we seem not to be?
What if every mistake is an opportunity to learn.

When we are happy and at peace, we trust all is well.
When we are upset or conflicted, we doubt and miss the message.
When we are calm and clear, we can see the turn we missed and return to trust.
When we are frantic and judgmental, we may miss the turn and stay lost.

Taking time to breathe, reflect, clarify and choose with confidence, we return to wholeness.
When we remember to love (trust and free) ourselves, we easily and quickly learn and simply choose again.
Life is not a process of finding the “right” way and sticking to it.
Life is an exploration of trial and error, learning by doing, enjoying the “miss takes” 

When we respond with Love to ourselves and others, we open to what is.
When we react in fear to ourselves and others, we contract in thinking we know.
When we live with faith in the learning process, we let go of judgments along the way.
When we can be compassionate and kind with everyone and everything, we are at peace.

And so it is, I travel with love and peace in my heart, knowing All Is Well.
And so it is well with You and Me,
Betty Lue 

Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness and Inner Peace

Every morning and every night, say this prayer:

I forgive everything and everyone, every experience and every memory of the past and present that needs forgiveness.
I forgive positively everyone.

God is Love.
I am forgiven and governed by God’s Love alone.
God’s Love is now harmonizing my life and its problems.
Realizing this, I abide in peace.

I am now forgiven by everything and everyone of the past and present that needs to forgive me.
I know that forgiveness unblocks whatever stands between me and my good.

I am grateful for the power of God’s Word.