Monday, December 28, 2009

Love to Hear From YOU!

Going to the Lake House for the week.
We may have the ability to send out Loving Reminders, but won’t know until we try on Tuesday.
You can call for phone appointments anytime…800-919-2392 to leave a message or 925-324-2409 cell.
Or you can make Pleasant Hill and Brentwood office appointments beginning Jan. 12.
I am also open for appts. on Sunday afternoon Jan. 3 in Brentwood.

Will return late this Saturday for Sunday, Jan. 3 service and 2010 Visioning workshop.
Jan. 4-10 we will be in Genoa, NV near South Lake Tahoe for time in the snow with grandchildren.

You hear from me daily or weekly.(depending on your choice.)
You know my whole life, my feelings and thoughts, my spiritual guidance and practice.
You know my grandchildren, what matters to me most and my feelings about you!
While it might seem I don’t care about you individually, I DO!

Often we underestimate our importance in others’ lives.
Often we think we don’t really matter to others.
Often we don’t take the time to write, to call, to share our inner truths.
The world has become more impersonal, detached and less intimate.

When I write these loving reminders, I am writing to you.
I see my relationship with you as very real and immediate.
I value the daily connection and when I don’t have access to computer, I miss the opportunity to share.
I see my worth and value and teaching as primarily the realization of our unity, our oneness.

Our differences are minor compared to our similarities.
Our desire to touch others’ lives is real and important.
Our choices to be happy or unhappy, peaceful or in conflict, impact all of us.
We are here to share our wisdom, our hopes and dreams, our remembering Love.

We are each like cells in the body of God.
Every cell matters and every function of every cell makes a difference.
When one piece is not functioning in harmony with the others, the whole system is impacted.
When one person in the sea of humanity is not whole and happy and free, all are limited.

We cannot achieve our full Self Realization until every part of the whole is healthy.
We are not at peace until every part of the greater Whole is in harmony with us all.
Life is not perfectly happy and healthy until every piece of the whole is functioning optimally.
You matter to the whole and you happiness and health makes a difference to me and to all.

So what does that really mean in practical terms?
How can you and I make the most positive difference in the lives of others?
How can we truly be love in our world through our own self realization?
What can you think, do or say that will benefit everyone everywhere?

Take impeccable care of your whole self…not just your body, but your mind and your Spirit.
Keep your agreements with your family and friends, at home and at work.
Stop talking about anything or anyone in negative or destructive ways, because it hurts.
Learn to speak words that are creative, affirming, positive, hopeful, empowering and loving.
Use your imagination to envision healing, improvement, fulfillment, and positive possibility.
Give power to your inspired Self,  and diminish the power of your fear-based ego self.
Use what you have by taking care of it well and sharing it with others when you are done.
Withhold love, respect and kindness from no one; everyone heals and grows when blessed.
Forgive your mistakes and the errors of others, encouraging greater consciousness and wisdom.
Use your time, money and energy for what you value and it will increase.
Send thoughts and prayers of gratitude and respect for those who lead, knowing their risk and sacrifice.
Give your best and keep your word, while being open to greater understanding and peace for all.

You are making a difference in my life and in all humanity… person and one day at a time.
Blessing you all for the Good you Are,
Betty Lue