Thursday, October 15, 2009

Instant Forgiveness

The week of Oct. 4-10 we were on vacation sabbatical, which became one day away in San Diego ( see story below) and then 5 days of having fun exploring, choosing and purchasing all that is needed for our Reunion Lake House Spiritual Retreat and spending a day there creating more fun possibilities, ie: a Zen garden and great color schemes, d├ęcor and furnishings. This week our computers were off line for a day and then 24 hours of no power with the fabulous storm Tuesday, so here we are today...Energized, refreshed and in love. Here is writing I did for my talk on Sunday morning at Unity. You can hear all of our Sunday talks at by clicking on “past talk" on the left column.
I am loving you and enjoying life to its fullest.
Betty Lue

PS I never deliver what I have written...
It is always spontaneous, inspired and guided from within.
Unity Talk Sunday 10/11/09

Instant Forgiveness

Holy Spirit gave us the Gift of Forgiveness
Jesus demonstrated the value of forgiveness many times over in the Bible stories.
How can we not use forgiveness as our primary tool for freedom and Happiness?

A Course in Miracle focuses on Forgiveness as the primary tool for Healing.
The healing of God’s Son is all the world is for.
That is the only purpose in it, therefore, the only one it has.
Forgiveness offers everything we want.
Forgiveness is the key to happiness and inner peace.

How can we turn away the best gift mankind could be given?
How can we deny its consistent practice….everyday in everyway?
How can we not use what is effective and efficient in generating a fun, safe and easy life?
How can we deny ourselves the key to being happy, healthy and in Love?

Let’s learn how to forgive every anger, every fear, every hurt and every tear.
Let’s together commit to love ourselves, our Godness and the God in everyone we meet.
Yes, people forget to love. Yes the world teaches to hate and fear. Yes, we have become forgetful too.
But now is the time to Love God in me and in You.

Trust. Trust. Trust.
Forgiveness is enough.
Keep it simple.
Keep it true.
God in me is loving You.
So Trust. Trust. Trust.

Here is our story.
This week we were on a six day sabbatical to stay on a houseboat in Harbor Bay, San Diego.
We dropped off our suitcases and went to buy the groceries for the week at Trader Joes.
The windows were all wide open, so we closed most because there was a chill in the air.
When we returned, there was a sewage smell and by bedtime, it was overpowering.
We tried to sleep, but had a restless night, having opened windows and closed doors to bathrooms, etc.
Upon awakening, we decided to get up, pack up and leave after the manager’s office was opened.
I called the timeshare SVC office, they refunded our points for the week, since there were no other available accommodations available.
Southwest Airlines got us flights home for reasonable exchange fee.
Rental car refunded half our money.
Trader Joe’s took back all our unused groceries. We had lunch with our ministry student and friend.
And flew home to our home sanctuary and resort.
We have used our time effectively choosing and purchasing paint, carpet, bathroom amenities, window coverings and furniture for our Unity and Reunion retreat Center, the Lake House which is being renewed for all of us.

This could have been distressing and stressful, if we believed it was a mistake.
This might have been upsetting and caused anxiety, if we did not know it was on purpose.
Instead, we laughed and called it our 24 hour vacation in San Diego.
It gave us a 12 hour houseboat experience and showed us again how easily we can change plans.

I had the opportunity to see the many ways I had created this whole experience.
I was using up timeshare points, but really hadn’t needed a getaway.
I had mentioned we could come home early to do some shopping for the Lake House.
I had wondered whether the houseboat would be clean enough for me.
I had noticed we had no plans except for the first day lunch.
I had talked about taking a vacation at home sometime, since we have all the amenities where we live.
And more……..

What creates Instant Forgiveness?

1) Judgments mean nothing. They are made up based on history and the little we know.
2) Laugh at the circumstances and watch the upset disappear. “How unlike me!”
3) Be curious about what happens. “This is interesting.”
4) Ask “What is this telling me or teaching me?”
5) Forgive ignorance. “Father forgive us, for we know not what we do.”
6) Forgive forgetting to listen and being asleep.
7) Shower and Cleanse. “I release and I let go. I let Spirit run my life.”
8) Take care of yourself. The more I love, trust and respect my Self, the more I love, trust and respect others. The more I love trust and respect myself, the more others love, trust and respect me. The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more others love trust and respect themselves.”
9) Get back on path. Every upset is a wakeup call, to show me where I am off purpose and not listening within.
10) Breathe, remember and bless. “This is not what I want to experience, therefore I let it go and replace it with Love and blessing.”

Nothing and no one can harm me.
Everything is in my own best interests.
With God all things are possible.
I am always in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.
Everything always works more exquisitely than I can plan.

Remember, you are loved, just as you are.
Betty Lue