Monday, September 14, 2009

What Are You Teaching?

Every thought, word and deed is teaching all the universe.

Sometimes we teach unconsciously.
Sometimes we forget the world is watching.
Sometimes we teach falsely.
Sometimes we ignore, “What goes around, comes around.”

If there are no secrets,
If everything we do is reflected in the world around us,
If we are part of the great cosmos and all humanity,
There is a responsibility to teach the Best.

When I recommend you to: “Take Impeccable Care of Yourself”,
I am encouraging you be conscious and give your world your best.
When I highlight giving the highest and best to others,
I am reminding you to give what you want to receive.

I am aware that we all are teachers directly for someone somewhere.
I know that how you treat yourself, is teaching others to treat you and themselves the same.
I recognize that wherever I am, there is a responsibility to teach love, respect and kindness.
I am responsible for everything and everyone I encounter in how I respond to what is.

How can we teach the world to live the highest spiritual principle?
How can we remember to treat others as we want to be treated?
How do we teach the Truth that sets humanity free to live abundantly?
How do we live and embody the principles of giving generously and joyfully?

Life is for giving.
You are the Gift.
Life is for teaching and learning.
You are the teacher and the student.
Life is a playground.
You are both child and parent here to enjoy playing.
Life is a stage.
You are the actor and the audience.
Life is a university.
You are here to graduate with honor.

What will it take for you to stay awake and give your best in every moment to everyone?
What do you need to keep you overflowing with respect, gratitude and joy?
What can you do to remember what is true and loving and Good for everyone?
What are you willing to teach so that everyone is blessed by your Presence in our world?

You are the One we are waiting for.
Now is your time to shine.
Let’s join hands and hearts.
Together we are unlimited in Power and in Peace.

Betty Lue

This is masterful Beckett (almost 3 yrs.)with Grandpa and Daddy and Grandma in the garden.
Beckett teaches us many things about power and passion and creating a world that works for us.