Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Structure, Order and Harmony

Special Note: NO sugar, no pain!
I have been doing an experiment, as I often do, with the physical body.
I am 100% clear that this body vehicle has pain when I eat sugar! (even just a few spoonfuls a day).
And I have no physical aches and pains when I eliminate it from my diet.
(Yes, there is still some in my soy milk and in the seasoned rice vinegar I use for dressing and flavoring)

If you have aches and pains (or any chronic problem), consider experimenting with dietary changes!
It costs nothing, is non-invasive and offers extraordinary results for those who are extra sensitive.

Structure, Order and Harmony

Chaos breeds chaos.
Confusion causes confusion.
Unconscious and lazy lifestyles encourage unconscious and lazy behaviors.
Living without order and structure generates unproductive and disharmonious relationships.

Some live formally with sit down meals, clothes folded and in drawers, closets tidy.
Some live informally with catch-as-you-can meals, clothes in piles and closets messy.
Neither is better or worse, unless it makes you crazy, distracted, guilty or sucks energy.
We each have our own “natural” (it is learned very early), way to live and feel secure.

In relationships where there is conflict, closets, bedrooms and living space order must be negotiated.
I usually recommend that it is up to the most conscious person to respect the one whose need is greatest.
Do it for the good of the family peace?
In relationships with our selves and our living and working communities, we need to find a balance.

I learn and grow from honoring everything.
I honor my time.
I honor my relationships.
I honor my creations.
I honor my life.
I honor my world.

In life we discover as we give positive attention to what we have and do and are, we are benefited.
We learn that what we own or experience is a reflection of our caring, our respect and our value.

When we value ourselves, we learn to take impeccable care of what is ours, what is in our life.
When we take impeccable care of everything we encounter, our life is rich with Goodness and prosperity.
When we have too much for which we are responsible, we become out of balance and out of integrity.
When we are able to give quality care to our home, our work, our health, our finances, our relationships, we feel whole and capable and valuable.

When we are unable to give our best everyone to everyone, we feel guilt, fear and often blame others.
The plants wither, relationships die, love fades, self confidence diminishes and we lose.
In this world of seeking MORE, we often wind up with Less, simply because we do not value the MORE!
It serves us to have only that which we value and care for and to consciously let go of the rest.

Key questions:
What do you really value in life!
Where do you give your time, energy and resources?
What are your top priorities?
Usually they are our topics of conversation, where we spend our time and money.

These worldly or accustomed values are often learned, but not what we really value.
In our feeding our distractions, disappointment, dependencies, delay and devalues, we lose what we value.
When we are growing our business and investment account, we may be killing our family harmony.
When we leave some parts of our lives in disarray and make the rest the best, we are out of integrity.

How you tend to your home life is like tending a garden of love, possibility and success for all.
How you wake up each morning and spend the early hours, sets the tone for the day.
How you speak with those you love and care for determines how you feel about yourself.
How you live your life in the secret places is the foundation for your confidence and success.

It is important for each one of us to find the highest and best what to live, love and give.
It is essential that we support ourselves by living true to our own values.
It is necessary that we take impeccable care of ourselves and what we value and want to grow.
It is our responsibility to give our best, keep our agreements, forgive offenses, and attend to what matters.

Loving you in waking up to what matters and give what you love your very best!
Betty Lue

Discussion and Support Wednesday Evenings

Principle-Centered Relationships:
“Harmonious Living with Integrity”

Using the tools of vision, honesty, equality, commitment and responsibility, we can develop healthy successful relationships. When we clarify and focus on our principles for life, we can build and maintain positive and productive relationships with ourselves and others.

“Relationships are created and sustained from inside out.
When we know, accept and respect ourselves, we can accept and respect others.”
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