Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Responsibilities

You have been given this life.
Your life in a body on this earth is your responsibility.
You are here to be a good steward of your whole life….mind, body, spirit, relationships, finances, environment, work…..all of it…..
Our responsibility is to manage with consciousness all we have been given for the One who gives.

Some Guidelines that will benefit your Stewardship:

1) Live Simply.
Lighten your distractions. Undo complexity, complications and conflicts.

2) Live freely.
Rid yourself of debt, duty and “do-do”.

3) Live in integrity.
Seek reasons, resources and responsibilities that resonate with you.

4) Live in service.
Live, love, let go and laugh as though all life matters, honoring all beings and all creatures on the Earth.

5) Live with forgiveness.
Respect what is and release what isn’t.

6) Live with gratitude.
Appreciate how Good Life Is.

7) Live with enjoyment.
Share the Wealth of Wisdom and Abundance of Goodness fully and freely with great Joy.

What are your Spiritual Responsibilities?
Take a vacation from worldly planning, providing and protecting to ask inside.
· Who are You?
· Why are You here?
· What can You do or undo to fully Live your Purpose in Being on this Earth?

And last, I would ask, “What are you willing to do to live true to your Self?”

Life is a conscious adventure into being alive, awake and enthused by being able to Respond.
With Joy and Appreciation,
Betty Lue