Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Solstice and Father’s Day

Is your Light shining bright?
Is your love flowing free?
Is your voice speaking Peace?
Is your heart filled with Joy?
So it is when we can fully BE!

Summer solstice celebrates the time of greatest Light and longest days.
Summer solstice represents a time to play and sing and dance and be.
Summer solstice offers freedom to express our highest Truth and holy vision.
Summer solstice brings warmth and growth and spiritual wisdom.

Aboriginal and native peoples celebrate this time with great appreciation.
The Sun provides sustenance and warmth.
Abundant Light is essential for our mother earth and her provision.
As we recognize the Source of growth, warmth, pleasure and plenty, let us also give thanks.

And within each one of us, the sons of the Earth, let us recognize the Source.
As we realize our own mighty Light, let us celebrate and appreciate.
Our inner Light provides sustenance and warmth, inspiration, vision and Love.
Our extended Light offers hope and clarity of purpose and willingness to be.

On this bright beginning for the summer months, let’s give our gratitude to our Father.
Let us realize the “yang” energy of the masculine is creative, light and confident.
May we celebrate our elder males, the pioneers who have gone before us to create.
And let us today honor our fathers and father figures who protect and provide.

With forgiveness and a willingness to see and remember only the goodness, we honor them.
With respect for what were their thoughts, beliefs and history, we appreciate their sacrifices.
With open-mindedness and appreciation we can truly love them in their ways of giving.
With confident hearts, we too can open ourselves to trust and be guided by the inner Light.

On this Father’s Day and the first day of summer, may we each find our own path to be grateful.
We thank you Father for your Light.
We thank you Mother for your gift of Life.
We do receive your blessings.
And we love You. (lyrics by Robert Waldon)

To all the fathers, here and beyond the veil:
We thank you for all you have done to build a world of peace and freedom, safety and respect.
For the rest, we humbly forgive, erase undo and let go what is not.

Loving you as you are, as you were and always will be (beneath the variable body and persona),
Betty Lue