Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Do the Work!

Prayer works when you do the work!
Healing works when you do the work!
Affirmation works when you do the work!
Counseling works when you do the work!

Talking about it helps to clarify the problem and find the solution.
Praying about it sets aside time to reflect and open to a solution.
Wishing and hoping gives you the awareness of your desire.
Mking decrees, affirmations and writing goals works to help your focus.

When all is said and done, you still have to do the work.

There is no magic pill for losing weight.
There is no healing to clear the lack of peace.
There is no external fix to change your mind.
There is no special prayer that will cleanse you heart.

It is the change of mind, the opening of the heart, the willingness to forgive and the choice to let go.
The work we do provides the lasting healing and transformation.
When facing a lingering issue or repeating problem, ask yourself, ” What can I do?”
And more importantly, “What am I willing to do or undo?”

The real work begins.
When we are remembering and thinking about an issue, it will remain in our consciousness.
When it is stuck in our thought, it will be stuck and repeat itself in our experience.
The real work is to release the past and return to full focus on the present.

Where are you now?
How did you get there?
Where will you go from here?
What can you do to make the journey more fun, safe and easy?

Do the work.

Undo your fears by releasing your judgments of what was.
Forgive your “mis-takes” and the “missed takes” of others.
Trust that everything has been and is in your own best interests.
Give yourself the appreciation you need to move on with confidence.

Life seems to be about learning to prevent and defend against difficulties and problems.
This is based on our painful history of judging what has been and fearing it will repeat itself.
Life is really about letting go of our judgments of the past, so we can look forward to future adventures.
When we see everything as a blessing, a gift of learning, loving, and letting go, we can live with Joy.

Loving you,
Betty Lue