Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate liberty and freedom for all!
Take a moment to assess your freedom.
Only when we are totally responsible for our freedom are we truly free.
Only when we are truly free, can we see what is our responsibility in life.

To be responsible is to be able and willing to respond to what life brings.
To be responsible is to learn from the natural consequences of our actions with no blame or guilt.
To be responsible is to be prepared to respond with Love to everything that happens.
To be responsible to is open our heart to teach and learn the highest and best with everyone.

To be free is to give ourselves the responsibility of choice.
To be free is to consciously choose what serves the Good of All.
To be free is to love ourselves enough to give our very best all the time.
To be free is to live joyfully and give abundantly of the good we know.

Yes, celebrate the freedom within you.
Trust the knowing you have as you align yourself with what you know to be True for you.
Live in integrity with your highest values at all times.
Notice the joy you have when you are listening within and following the Love inside you.

Life offers the opportunity to play to the audience, the outside voices.
When we are externally referring, we fail to honor our inner calling.
Our choices are based on the approval and rewards, as well as the disappointment and frowns of others.
The loudest voice comes from the one whom we fear and give our power and our authority.

When we learn to be Self-referring, we are quiet and listen within.
We honor the calling of our heart and the place where we find peace.
We are happy and willing to trust in the Love inside, where inspiration resides.
We allow the natural inner voice to be heard and honored.

To be free asks that we be responsible for our own choices.
To be free invites us to let go of the worldly ways and honor the calling of our heart.
To be free is fun, safe and easy.
To be free is to be wholly responsible for our own happiness and fulfillments.

Bless us all for choosing to honor ourselves, our highest selves, the Purpose we are here to serve.
Betty Lue