Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Creations

Robert and I leave for San Jose, the Calif. Assn. of Marriage and Family Therapists Annual Conference until Sunday Service at Unity on the Delta. I will be offering Daily Renewal with T’ai Chi Chih and Energizing Wakeups 6:30AM every morning. This is an annual opportunity to give some etra holistic support to my professional community. So no loving reminders for the next few days. Loving you.

“YOU asked and so I will share.”

How do they happen? What does it take? What makes them work?

Creation comes from the intention of creating what is Good, beautiful and wholesome for all.
True creation arises from finding Joy and Love within.
The creative force is the Voice that says YES to the Highest Vision.
Fun, safe and easy creation comes from heartfelt and trusted joining with others.

The new Unity Center for Inspired Living was co-created in about 40 days.
“Look on Craigs List for a space, Betty Lue.” Is what I heard the second week in February.
And there it was, one space, affordable, in the right location with 4 little rooms and large meeting room!
Ground floor, 1200 sf, in office building, room for library/bookstore, counseling room, children’s Sunday school and our fellowship room for kitchen stuff and potlucks. Seating for 60 in the main room. Everyone jumped in to paint in rich pinks and teal. Found stacking chairs from hotel for $10 each. Moved in piano, podium, paintings, floor lamps, bookcases, folding tables, etc. and made it our new home within 30 days of signing the lease. Right next door is a much larger room,( could seat 100) for our new sanctuary when we outgrow where we are for Sunday service. We are creating a Center for Inspired Living, with a youth and young adult spiritual programs, family fun nights with movies, potluck, talent show, game nights, etc. plus classes and groups and a mid week healing service. We are so grateful to be in our new space and watch new folks join us each week. It is far more beautiful than I can describe in words. Come to visit and you will be amazed with what you can do on a limited budget with lots of help

New Village Preschool or Alameda Village Preschool sprang forth from my daughter in Alameda saying casually, “Mom, why don’t you start a preschool in Alameda?” because we couldn’t seem to find a really conscious preschool in this little family-oriented community or nearby. So I listened and allowed my inner voice to urge me to contact three people who I knew were excellent with little ones as teacher, childcare director and nanny. They all said a resounding YES, and there too was the perfect place advertised on “Craig’s List” just when I looked at an affordable price and easy access. It is now a community center with other activities and a large space open for a preschool. Lots to be done to get state licensure and the playground fenced and more, but it already has a little bathroom with five small toilets and sinks, plus room for an office upstairs and kitchen use and a fabulous new K-12 school in front who would love to partner with us. Hold this ideal in your vision with us, so that the landlord, city and state can all get in alliance and compliance with us. We intend to open mid august and already have about 8 children excited about attending. The focus is on relationships and we intend to utilize lots of volunteers for gardening, cooking, art, dance, drumming, yoga, crafts and much more. We really believe children blossom with lots of folks loving and interacting with them. Joy and Gratitude.

Yes, It is Reunion Ministries, Robert and Betty Lue and all of you who contribute time, money and love who have helped with these creations. There are others too who have joined in these creations…Unity on the Delta and all the congregation have been the guiding light along with the Unity Church Board. And our preschool teacher friends and those who love little children, Sharalyn, Lorelei, Adriana (my grandchildren’s Nanny, Lila and other elementary teachers have co-inspired the Preschool. We know that others will join us in Presence as volunteers, contributors and cheerleaders. It takes a spiritual family and community to create a Church Center and it takes a village to raise a child.
We are soo grateful have this much fun!

Loving you in all your creations as well.
Soon I will be finishing my three books and beginning the song writing and art play that is so meditative and fun for me.

Loving you all,
Betty Lue