Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Personal Process

I am sharing my personal process with you because it is simple and clear ad provides a safe, fun and easy map to the life I am creating.
What are you creating?
Are you stuck in your history and the expectations of your world?
Can you trust you inner guidance system and free yourself from your comfort zone?
Are you willing to create your life anew?
Loving us all in freeing ourselves to listen and trust.
Betty Lue

This is a time for wakeup calls, for letting go of what no longer serves, forgiving the past, undoing everything to recreate life anew. Spring (Easter time) is especially key in cleaning up what is done.

I have been using this time off to review and revision my whole life. Whenever there is a wakeup call, it is imperative that we take stock and reconsider the purpose, direction and focus of the contents of our lives. This includes, attitudes, beliefs, relationships, commitments, projects and schedules.

I am sharing my internal process so that it might be of assistance and inspiration to others.

I requested clarity and vision for the year 2009.

I itemized the guidelines or conditions for making choices.
I want everything I do to offer 1) more spiritual connection and faith, 2) more real connection and communication with Robert, my life Partner of 24 years, today, 3) more personal fulfillment and happiness and 4) more fun and enjoyment.

Key questions:
Am I doing this for others or for me?
Is this a good idea or will it work?
Will I enjoy this?

I listed Key Projects for the year.
· My (our) physical health
· Unity Center for Inspired Living in Brentwood
· Completions of Mom’s Celebration of Life and Sharing Memorabilia with her family.
· Our Home, Yard and Patio (Garden Plantings) and Places to Enjoy
· Create the Creative Play Room for Creative and Expressive Projects
· Development and Experiences for our five Grandchildren
· Create Positive Preschool Opportunity in Alameda (if fun, safe and easy)
· Continue inspiring and serving our communities of Ministry, clients, students in both Centers.

Proposed Schedule Changes
In consideration of our planned travels in May and July, as well as personal needs for my own time.
we will be ending the Miracles Group in Rio Vista on Sunday April 26.
We will complete the Tuesday Evening Inspired Living Group on April 14.
We will complete the Wednesday Relationship Coaching Circle on April 15.

I will be using this time to edit and publish three Reminders books (which have waited almost 3 years.)
I am committed to have scheduled time 6 days/week for exercise (long walks) and preparing good food.
I am committed to quality inspirational and educational time for Robert and myself.
I am committed to honoring my inner voice in all new choices.
I am inspired to co-create a “village” preschool in Alameda :“It takes a village to raise a child.”
I am called to create an Institute of Creative Consciousness.
Yes, there are new opportunities for creating everyday miracles and acts of Love.

Trusting our relationship with Source and listening withing for inspired guidance…..
Freeing ourselves to live with abundant Joy knowing we are unlimited.
This is the Call of Love, the Call to Love, the Call to remember Love.
Love is the Way.
Betty Lue