Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Faith and Fear

The Spiritual Self lives and knows, trusts and is at Peace.
The Ego self survives and doubts, questions and is “ill at ease”.
Where we have faith, we are secure, confident and connected.
Where we have fear, we are uncertain, confused and feel alone.

As we look at our lives, we find areas of faith and areas of fear.
Ask yourself what creates faith and confidence.
What is missing in the areas of fear and uncertainty?
For me. the answer is as simple as “contingency plans”. (This won’t be the answer for everyone.)

Where I have contingency plans, I can let my human fears dissolve in assurance there is a backup plan.
Where I have neglected, avoided, even resisted paying attention, there is underlying fear or anxiety.
The human personality has been taught to be afraid through painful experiences and learned beliefs.
How we deal with our fears of bankruptcy, victimization, illness, divorce, loss calls us to find what works.

Life gives up opportunities to find and follow the path of peace and joy and love.
Some like drama and choose the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.
Some believe in suffering and sacrifice and follow the way of martydom and pain.
Some are attached to conformity and give up their uniqueness to blend in and belong.

If we really knew that our Creator created us to be perfectly happy, would we choose the happy way?
If we believed our life was meant to be a happy creative experience, would we stop following the crowd?
If we honored and trusted our inner vision, would we go for it without waiting for others’ approval?
If we relinquished the worldly attachments to fame and fortune, would we live our own way?

How much of our distractions, detours and delays come from following the expectations of our world?
How many times do we neglect what is obvious in its value, simply to serve the common good?
How often have we relinquished our own joy to take care of someone’s sorrow?
Is there anytime left to teach ourselves and others how to be truly happy?

What if we’ve been so caught in healing the fear, the pain and past sorrow that we forget to enjoy life?
What if our culture and economy is so dependent on fixing, healing and making better that we have shut down our creative potential?
What if we are so consumed with the need to make things better that we lost our creative freedom?
What if we are busy looking at our lives in the rear view mirror, so we keep running into what was?

Consider starting right now as beginners, as innocents, as believers and creating what we really want.
No limits, no judgments, no cynicism, no regrets, no comparison…..Let’s begin NOW!

Loving you as we create anew!
Betty Lue