Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Is Coming

Friday, March 20 at 4:44 AM PDT, Spring officially arrives.
Our weather is certainly letting us know she is here in California.
And the buds and blossoms on the trees are speaking loud and clear.
So what does Spring mean to you and me?

Time for renewal.
To being anew requires that we let go of the old.
To hang on to the way it was slows us down.
To be attached to the positive or negative past keeps us stuck.
To remember anything that does not lift and inspire delays and distracts us.

Time to plant the new seeds of opportunity and possibility.
To plant what is beautiful, good and holy.
To enjoy our vision and bless it with inspiration.
To appreciate what we want to increase and experience.
To honestly choose what is truly highest and best for us.

Time to do Spring cleaning.
Clean out unused stuff.
Forgive old resentments, fears and failures.
Undo whatever it no longer true for us.
Flush away any hurts we have allowed to limit us.

Time to complete the winter conservation and hibernation.
Make sure you have enough rest.
Make sure you have finished the work of acknowledgement and appreciation.
Make sure you have planned and prepared for the coming year with vision and faith.
Make sure you are filled with enthusiasm and confidence as you set out on a new adventure.

All things in due time.
If you are still in winter, wait to till the soil and plant your seeds.
If you need to heal and undo last year’s stuff, then take your tie to complete each task.
If you are not clear on the vision, be patient and wait for the light to dawn.
If you are still in winter, trust Spring will come in due time and be quiet with thanksgiving.

Life is a cycle and a circle of perfection.
To push the river or effort to become will not create success.
Take your time to observe the season of your soul and respect what is.
Always loving you and your creations of Spirit,
The blessings already are, so TRUST.
Betty Lue