Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to Pray

Everyone is a living prayer.
Every word of gratitude is a prayer.
Every act of kindness is a prayer.
Every work of generosity is a prayer.

Every creative thought is a prayer to the Universe.
Every respectful word is a prayer to humanity.
Every heartfelt service is a prayer to the Good of All.
Everything we think, say and do can be a prayerful contribution to God and all Good.

We all are loving reminders one to another.
We are all prayer partners as we look unto our spiritual family with a hope for Goodness for all.
We are all ministers of kind service as we reach out with contributions and a helping hand.
We merely wandered away from the natural life of Good Will for all life.

When we forget we are the ones doing the praying, we begin to search for someone else to do it.
When we forsake our inspired path of doing Good with miracles of love along the way, we feel alone.
When we lose our natural ways of giving thanks for each good thing we experience, we stop trusting.
When we go away from what fulfills our heart and keeps up awake to All Good, we become confused.

Life is our journey to forget or remember.
Life is a place of becoming a victim or being at choice.
Life is our way of strengthening our commitment to Love, our Natural State.
Life is our process of learning to let go of whatever is not True and is not loving.

It is all our choice.
Cursing or Praising?
Quitting or Saving?
Neglecting or contributing?
Judging or Accepting?
Demanding or Requesting?
Hating or Accepting?
Fearing or Trusting?
Doubting or Believing?

You see, humanity made up our own mad journey and now we need to forgive ourselves (through all time)
and return Home to a Path of Love and Goodness and Prayer.

So there…..
Loving you as I will always do, Ever True.
Betty Lue
That was fun!