Sunday, January 18, 2009

We Have a Dream!

Yes, we do.
Each of us has a dream of a life well lived, where all are given what they need to foster their Best.
Each of us has a dream of a planet which is clean and renewed, a place of beauty and wonder.
Each of us has a dream of nations with no war, living in harmony with one another.

Under our disappointing history, beyond what negativity predicts, we all have a place of hope.
When hope is found, under the burial ground of the clutter and debris of the past, we can remember.
Beyond the pain and suffering of humanity the flame of real promise arises to be claimed.
This is our time. We are awakening to the brilliant dawn after the storm has blown over.

Yes, there casualties of lives lost, families torn apart, children crying and people lost and confused.
Yes, there are economic disasters and environmental devastation, and crazy thinking of the terrified.
Yes, there is major cleanup and repair, burying the dead ways of the fearful and rebuilding of our future.
Yes, this is our time and we are the ones.

Now is our time to stop complaining and start reclaiming our rights and responsibilities.
Now is our time to step up to the call of living and giving our best to all the rest.
Now is our time to stop neglecting our messes, mistakes and forgetfulness.
Now is our time to respond with forgiveness, compassion, acceptance and creative solutions to problems.

We are being called. ’This is our inauguration.”
The great ship of our nation and the mother ship the planet earth needs a mighty crew.
We are the willing, capable and conscious ones who are being called to lead, teach, counsel and mentor.
We are can rise to this occasion and stand up for what is Good for All and speak up for the Truth for All.

We are moved by this historic moment.
It is time to get moving for the healing and transformation of our story.
We are the United States of America.
Forgiving our divisions and accepting our differences, we stand together.

Let us claim our place in our homes and workplaces.
Let us keep the peace in our homes and in our businesses.
Let us speak with Love in our minds and with our mouths.
Let us live our Values in private and in public places.

You see, when all is said and done, it is up to you and me.
We re the ones making the difference everyday in our own perfect way.

Are you ready to take your oath of office to be the One You are really here to Be?
Step up with me and make your promise to yourself, your family, your country and all humanity.
Blessing this moment with the dream coming true in me and You!
Betty Lue

I congratulate us all on our choice to once again be free to live in peace and harmony.
I am inspired by what we have chosen and the next step in our nation’s history.
May this be a holy and healing time for all of humanity to see what can and will be.
Greatness and Goodness is awakened again in the hearts and minds of all peoples.
Blessed be.