Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Have You Learned?

What have you learned this year?
What have you learned today?
What are you learning right now?
In every moment there is a magnificent opportunity to learn something wonder-full!

When we are not learning, we are wasting this precious instant.
When we are not learning, we are vegetating.
When we are not learning, we are not paying attention.
When we are not learning, we must be asleep.

So what does it take to wake up?
What will it take to value each and every moment.
What will it take to show up, pay attention and learn some Truth.
What will it take to be fully alive, alert and enthusiastic.

If life is boring, have you become habituated in being entertained?
If life is empty, have you been sucking the fullness of life in your neediness?
If life is blah, have you been seeking thrills and more stimulation?
If life offers nothing, have you grown accustomed to be wet nursed and fed by others?

Is it time to show up and give?
Is it time to be awake and contribute?
Is it time to take action and connect with a higher purpose?
Is it time to really pay attention and savor every moment of Loving.

In this age of hype and maximum stimuli to feed our senses, we often close off the real energies of life.
In this time of short term gratification, we often measure our achievements by immediate pleasure.
In this time of entitlement, looking for where we can get the most and give the least, we act selfish.
In the ways of the ego, we may look outside ourselves to feed, stimulate and make us happy and fulfilled.

Is it possible that we are missing the boat?
Is it possible that we are lost in confusion?
Is it possible that we are chasing rainbows of illusion?
Is it possible that you have not yet claimed your worth, your purpose and your own life?

I am fed everyday in feeding myself and others.
I am nurtured in everyway by filling my world with nuturance and love.
I am stimulated by the incredible beauty I seek and find, create and enjoy.
I am loved by every loving thought word and action of everyone everywhere.

Life fills me with its fullness.
Love sings and fills my heart.
Light inspires me with vision.
You and I together are co-creating this world and everything in it.

Loving you and me together, forever, and All That Really Is.
Betty Lue