Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just Enough

True Abundance is always having Just Enough.
There is no need for excess.
There is no fear of lack.
There is always just enough.

Thank God I am willing to have and to use what I have for the Good of All.
When I am without fear of losing and lacking, I always have just enough.
When I know my needs for myself and others are provided, there is just enough.
When I trust that whomever and however I am to serve will be provided for, there is just enough.

It can only be from fear of lack that we seek to stockpile and get more.
When I am living in trust that there is always abundant resources, I am at peace.
When I remember I am here to serve those whom I encounter with the Best I have,
What I have is always just enough.

Enough means that I have good food on my table and ability to serve guests.
Enough means that I have warmth in my home both in temperature and in Spirit.
Enough means that my clothing and appearance reflect the Love I have inside.
Enough means that my needs for fresh air and water, sunshine and beauty are available.

My work is to be willing to make healthy and healing choices for myself , my home and planet.
My work is to move into environments in which I am willing to give and receive the riches I have.
My work is to forgive the fears and insecurities, false beliefs and misunderstanding about lack.
My work is to love all children on this earth as I love and care for myself.

When I am willing to let go and flow, there is a magic of unlimited supply.
When I am willing to share the Love I know inside, I can always safely abide wherever I go.
When I am willing to be the natural innocent and trusting child I am, I am richly blessed.
When I can see that in you is everything I see and know in me, then I easily Give All that I have.

You see Life is for giving.
We are gifts, one to another.
In the giving is the receiving of the Gift I AM.
In the receiving is the Joy of knowing I Am just enough!

Loving you just enough,
Betty Lue

Yesterday in Trader Joe’s I saw a woman who was making a few careful selections. She wore raggedy and dirty clothing and all little uncertain. My heart urged me to offer to give her some money, but I felt embarrassed to ask. Telling the truth, I said to her, “I am a little embarrassed, but I want to know if you could use a helping hand with a little extra money.” She was surprised and said, “Yes, of course. I can always use money.” I realized that she wasn’t homeless or destitute. We laughed, hugged several times in the next few minutes of animated conversation. Now the synchronicity is: Nancy raises Boer goats on her Petaluma farm. She is having kids next week and invited Gia (10) and Sofia (3) out to visit next time we are in town. This is a fabulous and wonderful connection for us all. What a story of how much is received in the happy. willingness to give.