Saturday, August 02, 2008

Too Much

If you are worried about the future, you cannot see what is right here now.
If you are judging the past, you cannot receive the blessings you have received.
If you are busy watching others’ lives, you cannot live your own.
If you are focused on what they did to you, you cannot see what you are doing to them.
If you are hurrying up to get somewhere fast, you cannot enjoy the journey.
If you are wishing you were different, you cannot love Who You really are.
If you are want more, you cannot fully appreciate what you have.

You see, to really see and know what is true, you must be present.
When we are in fear, lack, judgment of anyone or anything, our perception is limited.
When we are not seeing with forgiving eyes and a loving heart, we really do not know the Truth.
When we are complaining or worried, we are lost in comparative view of loss, lack and limitation.

The ego cannot see.
The ego cannot know.
The ego cannot be.
The ego imagines its own illusions.

Fear distorts.
Judgment distracts.
Comparison detours.
Only Love is the simply and straight line to Truth.

When we tell out stories about future plans and past failures, we are not present for what is revealed now.
When we speak about others’ choices and behaviors, we are not present for our own life lessons.
When we busy ourselves with trying to make things change for our benefit, we are not open to change.
When we conveniently forget to take impeccable care of ourselves, we cannot expect positive outcomes.

In the beginning, we have been given our own life to love and nurture into peace and happiness.
And in the end, we will judge our life on the basis of what we have given not what others gave to us.
And right now, we can know the quality of our lives by how freely we give love to everyone.
We are blessed simply, because we are.
And we receive the Blessings we have been given, because we deem ourselves worthy.

Life is given and received exactly as we have asked and invited life to be.
Simplicity comes from being focused on simply handling each moment with love and gratitude.
And so we experience a simple life of love and gratitude.
Such is the Truth of One Who sees and knows and is.

Loving You and loving all parts of me and the One,
Betty Lue