Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This word means "To look again”.
To respect is to see with new eyes.
To respect is to gain a new perspective
To respect is to see beneath the apparent behavior.
To respect is to forgive and see things differently.

To respect our elders means to see beyond crankiness or limitation or forgetfulness.
To respect our children means to look for the underlying message they are giving.
To respect our life partners means to wake up each morning with no history.
To respect ourselves means to stop telling the same old stories and believing in limitations.
To respect our environment means to see it with gratitude for the life-giving bounty it provides.
To respect our fellow earth travellers means to see others’ fear and anger as calls for Love.
To respect our work means to be grateful for the work we do and stop making it hard or bad.
To respect our home means to care for it with appreciation and attention to order and beauty.
To respect our body means to prepare and eat nourishing energy-giving foods.

How do you respect your self in your world?
Are you willing to give up your preconceptions and limiting beliefs?
Are you willing to stop thinking, speaking and acting unconsciously?
Are you willing to forgive what was and see things differently?

To be inspired and positive about every activity, every relationship in everyday, see it all anew.

Loving you,
Betty Lue