Thursday, August 28, 2008

Making the World a Better Place

How do you make the world a little better each day?
Are you adding to the mental, physical or emotional pollution or cleaning it up?
Are you sharing the gifts you have been given or saving them for a special few?
Are you encouraging freedom of expression and trusting in each individual’s journey or stifling it?

Life is not about us individually winning the game or getting the most toys.
Life is not about surviving when the odds are against us or who lives the longest.
Life is not about making others obey or ensuring conformity and mediocrity.
Life is not about playing it safe, so that we can make our parents and teachers feel good.

What is life about for you?
Have you really thought it through?
Have you gained any insights along the way?
Have you found true fulfillment every single day?

Do you know how it feels to create something beautiful and real?
Do you understand the gift of holding someone’s heart in your hand?
Have you given your all for a cause justly held?
Have you taught by your example to inspire and encourage?

Life is a gift, to be appreciated, utilized, values and enjoyed.
Life is an opportunity to make something more that others might enjoy.
Life is a place of adventure and risk where we learn our limitlessness lies between our ears.
Life is a fun, safe and easy when we listen within to our own guidance and heart.

Yes, in relationship with parents, partners and friends we must learn when to say when.
In relationship with others there is a path of common goals and outcomes that build trust.
In relationship with our creations we learn what we value most and hold dear.
In relationship with others we find when to help, when to advise and when to stand clear.

For me:
Making the world better is simple and true.
I love myself and I love you.
I mind my own business.
I clean up my own messes.
I set an example I want others to follow. I practice what I teach.
I respect each individual’s unique path and place in life.
I give advice only when asked, respected and appreciated.
I forgive mistakes and see them as learning opportunities.
If I see something that needs to be done, it is usually mine to do.
I make no assumptions, take nothing personally, keep my agreements and give my very best.
(Read: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz)
I clear ways I limit myself .
I seek and find the wholeness and holiness and Love within everyone I see.
I trust and respect my true self and set myself free to express the Highest Truths I know.
This is how I am loving you and me and the world we see.

Betty Lue
Feel free to add to my list. How do you make your world a better place?