Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Being kind to yourself is Love.
Being grateful for what you have is Love.
Being peaceful in the midst of conflict is Love.
Giving your best even when you don’t feel well is Love.
Speaking words of appreciation is Love.
Noticing the beauty and goodness in your life is Love.
Feeding yourself and others food and ideas that are nurturing and empowering is Love.
Stopping yourself and others from doing harm is Love.
Taking a deep breath to calm any stress is Love.
Taking good care of your environment inside and outside is Love.
Smiling at friends and strangers is Love.
Giving without conditions is Love.
Remembering the Goodness within even when the behavior looks negative is Love.
Actively acknowledging all acts of kindness is Love.
Apologizing when you make mistakes is Love.
Being polite and extending courtesies is Love.
Being patient with those who are slow, confused and afraid is Love.
Taking time to listen to the Spirit of God in your heart is Love.
Letting go of petty judgments, attachments and grievances is Love.
Filling your own neediness is Love.
Trusting your own inner knowing is Love.
Being free to choose the Highest and Best way for you is Love.
Extending Trust and Freedom to others is Love.

How does Love look, sound and feel to you?
Are you willing to be, to do and to have what is Loving for you?

I am loving you,
Betty Lue