Friday, August 29, 2008

The Audacity of Hope

Yes, in desperate times, we need hope.
In fearful times, we need change.
In stressful times, we need peace.
In angry times, we need listening.

The voice of change is definite.
The face of change is different.
The action is change is challenging.
The gift of change is renewal.

This is the time for our country and all humanity to stop, look and listen.
The busy traffic of everyday life has consumed our ideas, our chatter and our business.
We have been caught up in the fear of falling behind.
And in our fear, we have contracted, lost ground and gotten stuck in hanging on.

It is time to stop and still our busyness.
It is time to look at what is happening around us.
It is time to listen within to the voice of love and reason.
It is time to choose for something better than what we have.

Change brings progress.
Change offers healing.
Change inspires courage.
Change invites creativity.

This is our time to make a difference.
This is our nation’s time to change our ways.
This is our planet’s time to undo its mistakes and choose again for what is Good for All.
This is our leader’s time to step into meeting the honest needs of all people.

I am encouraged by what I see and feel.
I am inspired by those who are giving their all.
I am challenged by my own participation.
I am called to give time, energy and money to what brings greater harmony, creativity and peace.

When the people are fed and have their health and family needs met, we need not fall asleep in complacency , but rise up in gratitude and generosity of Spirit.
Now is the time and we have a wave of renewed Spirit and transformative thinking and inspirational leadership and enthusiastic possibility showing up to give us HOPE.

Let us together meet the challenges of the time with our own participation and hopeful joining with respect for the Good of All.

Blessing us all as One.
Betty Lue

Let’s build a world in which our children can grow and know the power of Faith, Hope and Love.
“Yes, It works to build and knock down and build again. Eventually we will all learn what works.”