Sunday, August 19, 2007

Choose the High Way

No matter the circumstances, choose the loving way.
No matter the lesson being learned, choose the conscious way.
No matter the words being spoken, choose the kind way.
No matter the life being lived, choose the Godly way.

Life is a journey, short or long,
All finding our voice, either soft or strong.
Time teaches lessons of love and of faith.
God brings us home again to know from whence we came.

We really are here to be truly helpful.
We are here to play our sacred part.
We are here to honor all we know.
We are here to let our Love flow.

It looks like we are lost,
Until we are found.
It looks like we're sinking.
‘til we stand on Holy Ground.

Everywhere we go.
Everyone we know.
All are kindred spirits.
Traveling to and fro.

Together we find our path of hope.
Together we conquer our fear.
Together we own the gift that we are.
Together we celebrate being here.

I am with you now and always,
For in truth there is only One,
the One we are in Love.
Betty Lue