Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Who Do You Serve?

Do you listen to the loudest voice?
Do you take care of the biggest mess?
Do your respond to the worst complaint?
Do you give to the most needy person?
How do you choose what to give and to whom?

In family systems, businesses and organizations, attention is given to the most needy and biggest problem.
We have come to serve that which we seek to diminish or eliminate.
The focus is on the dis-ease, the dis-like, the dis-appointment.
Where we give our attention, we increase and amplify with our energy.

Somehow, we have learned to focus on the single mistake rather than on all the things we got “right”.
We bought the belief, we have to deal with the error before we can get on with our real work.
We become consumed with the need to fix and change, make everything tidy before we can move on.
Our obsession with making everyone happy with us, may distract our attention from our Real calling.

How would it work to “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and don’t mess with Mr. In-between?”
How would it be to ignore the temper tantrums and emotional threats and give positive attention to healthy communication? Are we willing to be uncomfortable during the transition, when everyone is relearning what it means to focus on the Good, the Blessings, the Gifts in all that Is?

To serve God it feels essential to seek and find the intrinsic Goodness in All That Is.
To serve man it seems we look for what is lacking and fill it, what is limiting and free it, what is belittling and aggrandize it. Is it possible we have created our own lack, littleness and limitation based on our error in perception and response to it?

How would it be to deny that which is judged and feared?
How would it feel to step away from serving the weakness?
How would it look to honor only the blessing and gift?
How would we increase the highest Good by giving credence to the Gift in What is?

No self denial, only serving the Self.
No loss of anything, but only gain for All.
No lack or limitation, but abundance of Good in All things.
No problem, when there is perfect Trust.

All things work together for Good.
God Is in All That Is.
Everything is in our own best interest.
Life works when we do the work of choosing Faith , not Fear.

Only Love is real. Everything else is a temporary illusion.
Betty Lue

“Listen within to know who and how and when to serve another.”

“Since 1977 I have listened within daily receiving inspirational guidance which is practical and effective.
These Loving Reminders are a gift to me and to those who find healing value and inspiration therein.
Know I am loving you as I am loving me. For in Truth We are One.”
Betty Lue