Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Who Are You?

When we know ourselves, we can find our way.
When we see ourselves, we can love what we see.
When we trust ourselves, we can feel secure and at peace.
When we believe what we know, we can live with confidence and ease.

When you think you are what you have been taught, you may be mistaken.
When you are attached to what others believe about you, you may be misled.
When you are listening to societal standards, you may be going the wrong way.
When you are believing someone knows you better than you, you may be living another's Truth.

It I s so valuable to spend time in self reflection, self discovery, self, renewal, and self healing.
It is through self understanding that we can find our own integrity and live it peacefully.
Upsets come as a result of being out of alignment with our own values.
Conflicts, pain and illness come as wakeup calls for those who have fallen off purpose.

Knowing yourself is key to being confident,
Being True to yourself is key to being happy.
Loving yourself is key to inner peace
Being happy with your life is key to accepting others.

This is indeed fun, safe and easy for those who are willing to do the work.

I am a happy, willing learner, a student and servant of Goodness and God's Will.
I have played and continue to play many parts serving over 10 different communities as friend, family, teacher, counselor, coach, representative of God's Love.
This is my path and my part to play.
I am in love, happy, confident and at peace when I live, love and value being fully who I AM.

Blessed be all of us in inspiring one another to shine our Light brightly in our sleepy world,
Betty Lue