Thursday, June 21, 2007

Greatest Light

In this time of the greatest Light we see everything more clearly.
All our "gazoobies" show up.
Our fears are in front of us.
Our wounds ache with pain.
Our regrets haunt us.
The ghosts from the past may return.

You see life has its way of calling us to task.
There is work to be done in this life.
We are here to complete unfinished business.
Where we are not whole, we must return to Love.

Thank God, for the Light.
Thank God for the Love.
Thank God for forgiveness.
Thank God for Prayer and Praise.

You see in this time we are called to use the tools we are given: forgiveness and gratitude.
Everything is healed, cleansed and released to the nothingness from which it came.
The truth, seen in the Light, sets us free to be all we are created to be.
Life is not about perfecting ourselves, but rather about erasing all that we claimed "imperfect".

Only in Love and kindness are we willing to look deeply, to see beneath the errors to the Truth within.
Only with conscious and consistent forgiveness can we dare to release all the misperceptions of history.
Only with blessing will we feel at home, at cause and in love with All That Is.
Only with Goodness, compassion and gratitude will we find the place of wholeness and Holiness inside.

You see, where we judge we are stuck in fear.
Where we claim better than, we hold ourselves outside the circle of Love.
Where we name another imperfect, we weaken out self image and fear to be judged.
Where we allow the world's measure to become our own, we sacrifice our spiritual calling and Love.

Life is a circle.
We being in Love and end in Love.
In the middle of life, we are called to do the Holy Work.
Forgive. And be grateful.

I am loving us all for rolling up our symbolic sleeves and doing the work.
We cannot run and cannot hide from what we see around us.
What we see is a reflection of what remains to be healed deep within.
I am open and willing to do the work.

Calling for Light, Light and more Light.
May we heal all that is not real and not of God.
Praise God for the Light within me.
Praise God, let Love abide.

Loving you loving you and me sets us all free.
Betty Lue