Monday, June 25, 2007

Emotions are Temporary!

I am a God Created Me, whole and happy and free.
Anything other than this state is temporary, an illusion of our making.

Wow! What if this is really true?
Have we made up the world of drama and crisis, illness and suffering?
Are we stuck in an mis-creation to demonstrate we are creative?
Can we be serving emotional gods instead of the God of Peace and Love and Joy?
Are we caught in a belief that feelings are real and need to be believed?
Could we be children pampered by those who want us dependent and needy?
Are we lost in a sea of distortion and faulty thinking, believing in the myth of victimization?

What if a mind given to only inspiration and Spirit could be truly Whole and Happy and Free?
What if a Being who was committed to live a life of joyful giving could live at Peace?
What if a personality that served the Highest Good for All was always safe and provided for?
What if we are really able to create our world with Joy and Peace and Love?

When I catch the germs of emotionalism, I feel lost in a maelstrom of confusion and pain.
When I forget to stay connected to Spirit, I lose my bearing and sense of Holy Purpose.
When I think someone else's drama is real, I find myself feeling guilty or looking for blame.
When I try on the worldly perception of suffering and loss, I think I must be missing something.

Each one of us is in a different place in the university of life.
Young souls see themselves as the center of the universe.
Mature souls try to effect change on their world.
Older souls seem to flow with what life offers maintaining their integrity and inner peace.

How I relate to others is solely dependent on what my inner voice directs.
When I invite others to tell me how to respond, I may support their ignorance and victimization.
When I encourage emotionalism and immature behavior, I foster dependence and stuckness.

How I respond to my own or another's emotionalism is a reflection of my own self understanding and spiritual awareness.
When I am remembering the High Truth, I will forgive all I see.
I respond naturally with Freedom and Trust, the foundation of Spiritual Love!

If our communication is not inspiring, it is of the ego and fear.
If our communication inspires others to live their Highest Potential, it is of Spirit and for Love.

Try this on, and see where you have manipulated yourself and others with unconscious emotion, adult temper tantrums.
Our work is to ignore what we do not want to encourage and Value what we seek to increase.

Loving you in loving All,
Betty Lue
Always encouraging Freedom and Trust!