Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Forgiveness Clears the Blocks to Love

Forgiveness is an eraser filled with Love.
Its function is to clean the mind and heal the emotions and open the flow of energy in the body.
It frees the one forgiving to be happy and enjoy the present moment without fear.
It clears away what does not exist and leaves the canvas of life to be painted on anew.

Forgiveness is a gift to ours elves.
It opens the door to healing because it clears the past.
It ends a message to our whole selves that we are whole and good, happy and free.
Forgiveness is the blessing we give our world that returns to us one hundredfold.

Forgiveness is the return to our natural state of loving.
Where we are not loving, we have withheld our authentic Self.
When we are not loving, we have diminished remembrance of Who and Whose We Are.
When we are unforgiving, we block the life force of Love that naturally flows through us.

Forgiveness must be learned.
It is the tool to undo learned judgments, fears, hurt, regret and resentment.
It provides a fun, safe and easy way to let go and undo what is not true.
It offers us everything we really want---peace and love and joy!

I forgive everyone and everything including myself, right now?
Every now moment can be an automatic and constant forgiveness.
See the Course in Miracles lesson below:

"Forgiving all our errors, both conscious and unconscious.
I choose to be happy and freely loving and giving."
Betty Lue