Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Where Am I?

When lost, confused, moving too fast, caught up in some drama, it is essential we stop, look around, and listen within.

Suspending all activity of mind, speech and body allows a moment of rest and quiet.
Stopping even with a deep breath or sip of water is often enough to notice what is happening.
To look around both within and outside is assessing where we are to get our bearings.
To listen within requires a trust in the inner guidance system and service that is always present.

When caught in the maelstrom of human emotion, rather than be consumed, we need to stop.
When carried away by the events of the day, we must look around to see where we stand.
To be directed by a fear-based and ego driven mind is to add more upset and urgency.

Some places we can go for quiet in this noisy world:
Our car.
Looking out a window.
An inspiring book.
A nap.
The bathroom.
Turning away from people at our desk.
Into soothing music on a headset.
To a park.
In the shower or bathtub.
Meditation and prayer.

Some healing activities which might work:
Forgiveness of everyone and everything.
Gratitude for all good things.
Giving to someone with joy and love.
Creating something beautiful and good for all.
Volunteering with those who really value our time and energy.
Only doing what fills and nourishes us.
Cleaning up our room, our desk, our lives.
Completing projects that have haunted us.
Writing thank you notes.
Watching a holy movie.
Sit and listen within for the highest good writing it all down.

Some reminders which we may need to remember:
Love created you for the purpose of Loving.
We are all here to be truly helpful and healing.
Healing is experiencing and extending inner peace.
Forgiveness is the key to happiness.
When we recognize and forgive all blocks to the awareness of Love's Presence we are at Peace.
Love is the way we walk in gratitude.
Only love is real. Everything else is a call to remember Love.

I am loving you and me with every Loving Reminder!
Betty Lue

The life of this couch is very good.

The life of this Grandpa is very good.

The life of those who are willing to be present, happily giving is so very very Good!

Just sit still and be ready to give to those who come your way!