Monday, January 29, 2007

Good Will

God's Will is always for our happiness and inner peace.
When we are not experiencing Love, we have stepped off our path.
When we are not happy, we have lost our way.
When we are in conflict or fear, we have separated from God and Good will.

When people drive off the freeway of life, some take a nap.
Some call for a tow truck. Some set up camp. Some sit and complain.
Some become depressed. Some are angry. Some simply get back on the freeway.

When we discover that we have driven off our own safe, fun and easy highway, we can choose.
How we respond determines the degree of our pain and our plight.
When we respond with easy forgiveness of our error, we can simply choose again.
When we react with fear, anger, judgment, guilt, blame, analysis, we get stuck.

Just like spinning our wheels in mud, we are aught in a rut of our own making.
The rut and emotional reactivity become habit and excuse and we are cannot see another way.
The moment we recognize our situation, we can stop, look and listen within.
We are called to forgive our judgments and emotional reactions and love ourselves well again.

In the response of Love, we enlighten our creative minds and see solutions.]
In our Loving response, we lift the blindness of judging ourselves, our Source and others.
In our Love, we can feel hope open doors of possibility.
In our Love we are filled with light, happiness and enlightenment and see a better way.

Let us forgive ourselves for forsaking our own happiness.
Let us forgive ourselves for blaming God or others.
Let us forgive ourselves for being unwilling to seek a better way.
Let us forgive ourselves for getting stuck in the habits of judging.

Forgiving our forgetting and choosing again,
Betty Lue