Friday, December 22, 2006

Spirit of the Season

Everything you think, say and do is teaching everyone everywhere.

Ask yourself:
Is my life an example of what I want my world to be learning?
Is my life representing the spirit of Love in which I believe?
Is my life inspiring me to live abundantly, speak gratefully and act joyfully?

We are the LIGHT of the World.
This is our only function.
We represent the Love of God and God's Goodness.
This is our true calling.

Everyone is welcome in our spiritual family.
This season is an opportunity to reclaim our natural innocence and inner joy.
Winter Solstice
With the dark and the cold, we can rekindle the light and the warmth inside.
The true gifts remain how we love, appreciate and care for one another.
Nativity Story
A miracle of Love, faith and courage to remind us how much we are loved by God.
Singing invites togetherness, breathing and inspiration to lift our minds and open our hearts.
Remembering those who have been forgotten is a spiritual remembering "all are precious."
Feasting and Festivities
Celebrate with moderation in all things to respect those who have nothing. Be grateful.
Self Care for Over-givers
Take time to be still and listen, be grateful you are able and receive the gifts you give.
Self Care for the Lonely and Depressed
Reach out to others who have greater needs than you by phone, card, or visit. Help someone else.
This is the greatest healer for our world of illness, suffering and fear. Forgive yourself and your past.
New Year Preparation
To be ready for a new beginning let go of everything that is not wholly helpful and truly loving.
Letting Go
Release all stuff, all emotional baggage and all memories that are not inspiring and life-giving.

Life is a gift we can receive gratefully, give joyfully and live lovingly.
Betty Lue