Thursday, December 28, 2006

All Are Special

Holidays seem to be a time of friends and family, those nearest and dearest to us.
Holidays seem to be the time of forgotten memories emerging from the archives of the past.
Nearing the end of 2006, we may need to sort through inner photos and let go of those unhappy ones.
So much of life is spent on remaking what didn't work, instead of simply moving on.

Every relationship is a holy and healing encounter.
Every being holds an opportunity to find more love.
Every holiday is a time to renew the holiness within.
When we reclaim our holiness, we can begin anew.

With those near or far, known or unknown, simply send them the message of their wholeness.
With those experiences in history, bless them for revealing the places of needed healing and love.
With those encounters that seem less than perfect, simply return with your own spiritual paint brush.
White out with forgiveness and paint in the profound love and respect love holds for all beings.

Life is our opportunity to choose the paintings we wish to live with.
Those who are attached to everything, find their inner walls cluttered with meaningless mistakes.
Those who let go with ease and gratitude, find their inner field sparkling with the highest and best.
Those who are confused about their worth may even see what is received as reflecting their value.

Take time to release from your inner gallery anything that does not please you and lift your spirits.
Take time to clean out the storehouse of your mind what brings dark feelings of fear and guilt.
Take time to say "NO" to all unwanted clutter of limiting beliefs, mistaken choices and dark deeds.
Take time to expunge from your spiritual history whatever was limited, lacking and belittling.

Love yourself into the New Year.
Trust your spirit-guided and Love-based choices.
Free your Whole and Holy Self to live abundantly with joy and gratitude.
Love Your Self Well today.

Loving you and Me for the special creative and unlimited Beings we are.
Betty Lue