Monday, October 30, 2006

Thwarting Creativity?

Are you limiting the creativity of yourself and others?
Are you stopping true progress?
Are you getting in the way of the flow?
Are you blocking what is for the highest Good?
Do you resist change?
Are you fearing the unknown?
Are you doubting that what is new could be better?
Are you closing the door to never ending and constant improvement?

Life is about possibility.
Life is for living.
Life is a learning laboratory.
Life is the realm of infinite possibility.

Where there is life, there is change.
Where there is life, there is flow.
Where there is life, there is movement.
Where there is life, there is transformation.

Where humanity fears the unknown we slow or impede progress.
Where we judge the mistakes of the past, we question creative ideas.
Where we lack faith in God and Trust in good intentions, we doubt.
Where we are protecting ourselves and wanting to control, we say "No".

Explore today saying Yes to every new idea, yours and others.
Try to today to look on everything with appreciation and open-mindedness.
Enjoy today the Great Mystery that lies beyond what we can make happen.
And believe today that all life is moving toward a Greater Good through inner Vision.

Saying Yes, is a beautiful affirming habit.
Even when you have some after thoughts to share, say YES first.
Ponder the gift being given and be grateful.
Enjoy the possibility of something different, something better, before saying NO.

Give yourself to Love and Good will come.
Give yourself forgiving the fear, and life will flourish.
Give yourself to appreciating the creative human Spirit.
Give yourself to anticipating positive change for the Good of All.

Let Go and Let God.
Let Go and Let Good.
Betty Lue

Are you open to being creative with your fears?
Are you willing to dance with the spiders in your life?

Are you allowing fun to replace fear?