Sunday, August 06, 2006

Spiritual Extreme Makeover

This summer my whole life seems to be getting an inspirational extreme makeover.
Just a few of the big shifts and changes.
Reunion Living Ministry Training Program has been re-initiated.
Open enrollment allows seekers to apply at any time. Currently there are eight active ministry students locally.
Center for Conscious Living was born on July 2, while conceived in early June. This center is an expanded space in the same office complex with an equal partner, a silent Partner (behind the scenes invaluable help) and a partner-in waiting ( equally helpful and joined).
Renewed interfaith and new thought ministry calling is drawing me to greater inspirational fellowship, counseling and healing services and classes for the public.
Selling our Condo in the adult community where we lived and served Robert's Mom and our positive Living friends here.
We will continue to serve them as they have requested.
Moving to a new rental home near the Center hopefully to cut down on costs and commuting energy.

Each change is inviting renewal inside and out. Each is an invitation to listen more closely to what is highest and best for all concerned.
When Robert and I were looking at our schedule the next 12 days, before we go on our annual spiritual retreat to Hawaii, I outlined our priorities:
First, our health and happiness…impeccable care of ourselves.
Second, our commitments to our family, friends, clients, all we know and love (that includes YOU!
Third, completion of the projects: new window coverings, lighting, painting and carpet for the center.
Clearing our home to stage for both painting and sale. (our condo is two shades of warm pink inside)
Visioning and designing new ministry programs to serve the greater Bay area.
Preparation for the expansion of our Center, our ministry and our service to those who are called to us.

Now I ask myself, did I create this?
It is my birthday month and often new births happen for me at this time. I affirm renewal and rebirth. I love new beginnings.
I just reminded another Minister to ensure that spiritual laziness and comfort does not dilute our work. (Message for myself)
I know that I was getting comfortable and my life had some space in it for forgetting my commitment to service.
I am always at my best when I am accountable for every minute.
I listen to Spirit best when I am allowing God's Will to direct all my thoughts, words and activities.
I know I am not doing anything alone when there is so much seeming to be done through me.
When I am in the spiritual flow, what is shared here becomes no challenge, but rather an adventure in joyous discovery.

New relationships with others invite deep instant connection.
New possibilities bring excitement about vision given to me decades ago to be manifest now.
New spiritual partnerships open the door for higher levels of co-creation and collaboration.
Clearing space for what is next is a joy and invitation to be totally welcoming and enjoy the miracles.

I am so blessed to remember, Goodness is in charge of my life.
I am so grateful to feel safe to let go and trust.
I am so happy that life works when I conceive and believe all is well.
Love is trust and freedom. Boy! Do I ever Love it all!

Betty Lue

Remember what I see is a part of me. This is me!!!
I have sooo much fun everyday playing and learning and growing!

And boy, do I love to eat all the good stuff Mama makes for me!”