Monday, July 31, 2006

Who Are You?

What is your true identity?
If you do not know that which you are, how can you fully be?
Listen within to discover: You are a Gift of God's Love.
Your life has a healing and Holy purpose.
Only you can fulfill your purpose.

You are not your body.
You are not your emotions.
You are not your thoughts.
You are not your history.
You are not your financial status.
You are not your educational degrees.
You are not your worldly accomplishments.
You are not what the world identifies you as being.

You are free.
You are as God, Creator and Source created you to be.
You are created in the likeness of One Who is unlimited.
You are as unlimited in Power and in Peace as your Creator.

In your freedom from identification with temporal things, you can trust in your True nature.
In your non-attachment to body, personality and finances, you know true freedom.
In your freedom, you can create Goodness, Wholeness and Beauty.
In your trust, you know Inner Peace and Joyous Love for All That Is.

Life is a process in which we find ourselves and lose ourselves.
On the journey we may get stuck in our attachments and fear of letting go.
In our stuckness, we feel insecure, dis-eased and fear of the unknown.
Only in forgiving our self-made limitations do we remember Love is Freedom and Trust.

In our attachment to financial security, societal goals and family expectations, we lose ourselves.
In our freedom to explore and discover, we find ourselves and the truth of WhoWe Are.
As we declare our freedom to be, to express, to create, to achieve, to believe, to heal, we find ourselves.
It is healing and freeing work that we give ourselves and others when we realize, we are not limited.

What do you allow to limit you?
Who do you listen to if not your inner self?
How do you seek to give the best of you?
When will you be free and trusting of your True Purpose here?

Loving us all in living our True Identity,
Betty Lue
We are all children acting out parts, trying out being what others seem to be.
If you are playing a part on the stage of life, who is the being behind the act?

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