Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Life Expanded or Ended?

Blessings or Condolences?

Where there is no sorrow or grief, there are no condolences needed.
Life is a journey both here and beyond.
When we graduate, we do simply move on to our next adventure, school or place of service.

Everyone believes, sees and treats "death" differently.
Because "death" is a sensitive and often feared experience, it is rarely discussed openly.
For Robert and me, Jackie's journey is her next adventure, her spiritual quest answered.
Jackie and her family discussed her passing openly. There were no secrets, no unfinished business.

Jackie spent the last several months clearing out her things, setting aside what needed to go and where.
Her home was filled with 80+ years of family memorabilia, which will be totally cleared this week by her family all working together. They are honoring her love, her generosity, her sentimentality with consideration handling every piece with respect, gratitude and humor.

We took her to see movie An Inconvenient Truth (an awesome and beautiful film) on Saturday afternoon. She went to bed, skipped church on Sunday, and hospice was formally called in on Tuesday. I said my good-byes with gratitude and gentle touch on Tuesday afternoon, since I traveled Wed.AM to visit my Mom in Asheville, NC. Jackie and I loved, admired and enjoyed one another and our mutual bond, our ministry of service. We are complete with no regret and no sorrow. Jackie looked forward to her journey, and with many on the other side to greet her. She is more even present to me now, as the veil is very thin, and I feel her Christ Spirit radiating Love to us.

Her family also gathered for hugs, healing touch and respect her last four days. All her needs were and are being met. Her specific requests are all being honored. Her love is still being given and received by all of us. Jackie is happy and we are too. We know she is in good hands, at peace and in Love.

Many miracles….the stamps used on her celebration of life invitations (which Jackie wrote and made sure everyone was on the mailing list) are wedding stamps, symbolizing for us her wedding again with Marsh as they come together again. I am making note of just a little of the beautiful healing, much the same as at a birth, for this is her time, after many years of tireless service to others and total faith in God.

"I love you and bless your journey. Until we meet again, know I am honored to have know and loved you for the last 21 years. Until we meet again, Sister in Spirit, Peace of God abounds for us all."

For those who mourn, give comfort.
For those who celebrate, give enthusiasm.
For those who respect, offer honor.
For those who regret, offer forgiveness.
For those who are silent, offer prayer.
To each their own.

Jackie was moved by the few lines, "Do not stand at my grave and weep, for I have promises to keep."
And so she does. Bless her journey and let your own view of "death" consider the release from our temporary physical assignment a natural and welcomed process. Truly there is no death.
Love never ends, it merely changes form. And so energy can be neither created nor destroyed.

Loving you always,
Betty Lue