Saturday, April 29, 2006

What's the Difference?

Can you tell the difference between your ego's need and your Spirit's guidance?

Your ego is your learned self.
You have learned from the world you see about what is dangerous, necessary and gives pleasure.
You have learned how to think, compare, evaluate and make life work for you.
You have learned what brings pain, criticism and disapproval and what offers inner peace and happiness.
You have learned to seek more of the worldly treasures and to forget about your Divine inheritance.
You have learned to worship the body, money, romantic love and having more stuff.
You have learned to talk good, look good and try to be good.
You have learned to live from fear and defend yourself against physical, mental and emotional harm.

Your Spirit (Higher Self) is your Authentic Self, the Real You.
Your Real Self is natural and your Essence.
Your Real Self knows that life can be fun, safe and easy, when you listen within.
Your Real Self judges nothing and no one and sees life is working naturally.
Your Real Self forgives egoic judgments and limiting beliefs.
Your Real Self offers love, appreciation and open-mindedness to all.
Your Real Self knows you are blessed by the beneficent thoughts of everyone everywhere.
Your Real Self seeks only to create wholeness, goodness and beauty.
Your Real Self shows up, pays attention and tell the Highest Truth without attachment.
Your Real Self know you are Good and there is nothing to do or make, teach or learn to be loved by God.
Your Real Self lives in LOVE and gives from LOVE.
Your Real Self knows that no one and nothing can harm you.
Your Real Self understands every loving thought is true and every unloving thought is a call for Love.
Your Real Self uses the body as a tool for communicating Love.
Your Real Self denies that making mistakes can hurt us.
Your Real Self seeks and sees the Holiness in everyone and seeks the blessing in all things.

When you listen carefully in quiet, you find that that the egos voice can be overpowering and pushy.
The spiritual voice is gentle, respectful, patient and kind.
There are no threats, conditions or penalties in God's Love, therefore there are none in the Real You.
The Real You is always ready to return to Love and live with Peace and Happiness.

Now you can tell which voice is True.

Loving you,
Betty Lue