Thursday, October 27, 2005

Judgment Limits Vision

When we judge, we cannot see.
When we judge, we are afraid.
When we judge, we limit ourselves.
When we judge, we condemn.
When we judge, we get stuck.
When we judge, we dam the flow.
When we judge, we attack.
When we judge, we close our hearts.
When we judge, we "endarken" our minds.
When we judge, we inter-fear with healing.
When we judge, we cannot hear our heart.
When we judge, life is serious, dangerous and difficult.

Our judgments mean nothing when we see them in the light of right perception.
Our judgments heal nothing.
Our judgments bless no one.
Our judgments offer nothing that we want.

So when we judge, let us delete and let go.
When we judge, let us forgive and move on.
When we judge, let us undo what is not true.

I forgive all my judgments so that I might trust in the highest outcome for all.
I forgive my judgments so I might respond with love to everyone.
I forgive my judgments so I am free to receive the gift and learning in all things.
I forgive my judgments so I might free the flow of creative power.

I am letting go, so I can see with my heart,
Betty Lue

Rx: 30 Days to Enlightenment
To begin your day,
Write or verbalize 30 forgivenesses.."I forgive.."
Write or verbalize 30 choices…"I choose.."
To end your day.
Write or say 30 gratitudes.."I am grateful for.."