Wednesday, September 21, 2005

On Retreat

Retreats are really inspirational advances!
Every year we take a group on retreat with us to the Kona Coast of Hawaii.
Next year, you wanna come?
Start saving just $100-$150 each month and you will have plenty of resources to pay for it all.
And if that seems like too much, ask yourself what you want more?
Life is choice.
Choice is taking the time to value what you value.
Daily Latte's or a weeks' vacation?
Having your nails done or a monthly massage?
Using an upper, downer or recreational alcohol or taking time to meditate and walk daily?

Taking impeccable care of you is your gift to Life.
Taking the best care of you cares for everyone with your best.
Taking good care of the Ones you love includes loving you.
What is really highest and best for you is best for everyone.

When you are whole and happy, feeling your best, you give your best to others.
When you are full of love and peace, you naturally share your love and peace.
When you are inspired and enjoying life, others receive your inspiration and joy.
When you have forgiven yourself, you are more likely to forgive others and love them.

We are gone until September 30, with a small group to the Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii.
We will be practicing the gift of mindfulness and fully enjoying the beauty and peace of each moment.
Water, warmth, wind and waves, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, soothing music, sound of birds, flowering fragrance and children's laughter enrich our experience of "Living in Joy".
Simple living, with few things, positive interactions, inspirational concepts and nutritious live foods will be on our menu together.

You can choose your own retreat….for free. (It does take time)
Go to the ocean for a 30 minute beach walk and 30 minute meditation.
Climb to the top of a hill and be alone for an hour to write in your journal.
Sit in a bathtub with fragrant herbs, candles and soft music.
Awaken in early morning, listen to your inner voice, and write down what you hear and feel.
Take a walk under the stars and contemplate who you are in this world.

Life is your place to learn to be fully able to respond.
When you are responsible for you, you are able to gratefully respond to others.
When you are full of love, you respond with love.
When you are empty, you are limited in your ability to give.
Life is for giving.
Bless, nurture and appreciate the giver and the giving in you.
Give to yourself first.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

You can always reach me by calling the 800-919-2392 # and leaving a message!
And you can call my cell phone for urgencies at 925-324-2409!
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I am Loving you right now with a heart that is True B’Lue!