Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Cause and Effect

"I am confused. When I look at the world and what is happening down South, my heart breaks, and I cry for them. However, there is the part of me that knows there are no accidents. How can I put blame ,when I think that if there are no accidents, have these people chosen to leave in this way? Perhaps the people that did leave when told were not supposed to be there? If things happen the way they are supposed to, then how can we question that someone did something wrong? As Greg Braden says, we control the weather with our emotions. Is this perhaps emotions from the wars that people are putting their consciousness into? I just know there are no accidents, and if I feel that way does it make me a cold person? Just wondering out loud to someone who might understand my thoughts. If you can help me understand please do." AL

Our world has missed the mark. Humanity has erred. We are lost in our own mistakes and defenses against more mistakes. Now we need a wake up call loud enough to awaken the sleeping masses, the misguided leadership and the unconscious folly of denial. Those who volunteer for the wakeup call are to be blessed, loved and appreciated for bringing us to consciousness. The canaries in the coal mines are dying. The impoverished and forgotten were left hungry without transportation, shelter, water or medical care for days, dying on the streets and in their homes, while government officials worried about the fuel supply.

Sometimes, when someone cries, we cover our head with a pillow.
Sometimes we have another beer or turn up the volume on the TV.
Sometimes we get mad and make them cry harder.
Sometimes we focus on the really big problems.
Sometimes we say, "Shut up" or stick a temporary pacifier in their mouths.
Sometimes we feed them candy just to make them be quiet.
Sometimes we ignore them or send them to their room.
Sometimes we just leave and abandon them.
Sometimes we feel their feelings and reach out with compassion and loving kindness.

Are we being selfish and focusing on our own comforts?
Are we willing to see our brother as ourselves?
Are we willing to own that terrorism is not the problem? It is the symptom.
Are we willing to see government and politics is not the answer?
Are we willing to put our greed and need aside and reach out to those with real need?
Are we willing to trust that until all are fed and sheltered and educated, no one is safe?
Are we willing to be the solution, not caught in the judgment and fear of the problems?
Are we willing to not just speak out, but reach out with genuine love in our hearts?
Are we willing to open our pocketbooks and our homes to "strangers"?
Are we willing to be forgiving of our own arrogance and ignorance rather than judge others?
Are we willing to trust in the natural consequences of a world at war?
Are we willing to right the wrongs and give up our justifications and hypocrisy?
Are we willing to choose again together to find a better way to respond to what is needed at home?
Are we willing to spend our resources to send our kids to excellent schools with well-paid teachers?
Are we willing to provide all our people with quality healthcare?
Are we willing to clean up our water, our air, our food supply, our city streets, our flood control, our highways, our environment, our education and medical care?
Are we willing to recognize that while me may HAVE, the majority of the world does not HAVE?

Perhaps the violence and "terrorism" is the result of not having access to what we have.
Perhaps the looting is the desire to feed their families and have shoes on their feet.
Perhaps the drug use and addictions are to cover the pain and frustration of not knowing how to change.
Perhaps disasters are due to our not taking responsibility to love, educate and help all the family of man?
Perhaps we are so used to sending them down into the mines we forgot about danger and disaster/
Perhaps we are so comfortable in our safe, fun and easy lives se forgot we are One people on One Planet.

It is through working together as a team with all equal players with equal rights and equal benefits that we experience true safety, ease and enjoyment in life.
We are awakening and beginning to make a difference one mind and heart at a time.

Loving us all,
Betty Lue

Remember to Love EveryOne, as you Love the most precious One in your life!