Monday, September 05, 2005

Am I Your Family?

Excerpt from a Loving Reminders' reader and spiritual seeker:
"Am I really part of your family? I need a person, not even a whole family, at least one person, who will call ME and have a truly meaningful conversation with me on a regular (and frequent) basis and will want to connect their life with mine. "

My personal and inspirational response:
I write to you everyday from the Love I know and the Love I AM.
I express the Highest Truth I know, because you are my family.
I respond to your emails from my heart, because I care.
I care about you, because you are my family.
If you needed shelter or food, I would help, because you are my family.
I do not call you everyday, because I do not call anyone everyday.
No one calls me everyday or even every week.
I do not ask for others to plan my birthday or invite me to dinner, because I am busy serving.
When I am not serving others, I am being still and restoring my body/mind.
When I want meaningful conversation, I plan a group or class.
When I want a family feeling, I observe how humanity reaches out in times of need.
When I need Love, I give Love.
When I want comfort and assurance, I give comfort and assurance.
When I want company, I keep company with someone who is lonely.

Family for me is choice, not obligation or duty.
Family for me is spontaneous, not scheduled or expected.
Family for me is easy, not a chore or necessary.
Family for me is giving, not getting something back.
Family for me is everyone, not those who are related by blood.

I am called to give to those to whom I am called.
This is the first time in many years that I am called to serve my blood "family".
Gia was the first call. Some see her as my Soul Essence Twin.
Gia's Dad is also a significant calling for me.
I am called to support my daughter, Hilarie and her husband, because they are providing excellent parenting for their babies.
I am called to be with the babies because my inner voice said, "Give them two days a week."
If I had let myself question the call to serve, I would not have seen a way to provide for Robert and I and our ministry with all of our "family" commitments.
However, as always, the more I give, the more I have.
The more I share, the more I have to share.
Life works, because I respond to my inner voice, the call to Love unconditionally, serve from the heart and remember God.
I see everyone as myself, the Holy One, the God within all that is.
While I cannot be with everyone physically, I can see each One as the only One.
I can love each one as the Holy One. I can behold the Good, the Beautiful and the Whole in every One.

Friendship for me in a social sense is not a part of my life or my mission here. Therefore, I do not relate socially. Friendship in terms of talking on the phone or having a walking partner or going out to eat is not a part of my life, because it is not what I am called to do with anyone… Robert is my God given partner to support me in doing the spiritual work I am called to.
I believe each one has a life path which we are to embrace, value, enjoy and fully utilize for the Good of All. Our life path can be personal or impersonal. It can be to serve, to heal, to teach, to create, to enjoy, to demonstrate, to lead, to actualize, to experience to challenge ourselves, to grow, etc. If you can see you life as a whole, you probably can identify your path, as whatever experience you have been experiencing. When you resist your life, you will be unhappy and discouraged. When you embrace your life as it is and appreciate all you are and what you have, you will enrich your life experience.

I value your expressions.
I appreciate your calls for understanding.
I honor your experiences.
I invite you to look again (respect) what you have.
I encourage you to appreciate. Enjoy what you have done and been and have created.
I celebrate your gifts of courage, creativity and commitment.
I am loving you by wholly embracing my life and appreciating my path.

This is my truth and my profound love and respect for your truth is in every word and the loving intention with which I write to you as my Sister in Spirit.
Betty Lue

I am Loving you right now with a heart that is True B’Lue!