Thursday, August 18, 2005


Taking a break, a pause, a moment to release, relax and let go, opens the door to renewal.

Like forgiveness, a vacation is meant to vacate the accustomed way of thinking.
To pause in meditation and gratitude allows the mind to still itself and open to the silence.
It is in the void that we can clear and hear what is forever near.
It is in the stillness that we find the reality of peace and love and lasting joy.
It is in the quiet that we can hear the voice of Love, the spirit that speaks of holiness.
It is in our time away from the everyday distractions that we can see within and beyond.
It is in our vacation from the norm that we see the extraordinary, the miracles of Love.

So take a vacation from ordinary life regularly.

Some say the time required is on the seventh day.
Some say it is best found in daily meditation.
Some seek the respite in early morning and late afternoon times of sitting still.
And some give themselves just one or two week a year.

I find this place of stillness everyday in most easy ways.
A pause between activities, a walk out on the deck for a deep breath, a feeling of gentle joy when cleaning up my house, a smile of gratitude for a kind deed observed, so many ways to find renewal.

Explore the many ways to take a vacation and renew your mind, body and Spirit.

Loving you in renewal,
Betty Lue