Wednesday, August 03, 2005

No Right Way

Some Myths.
If we put all the viewpoints together, we could see the whole picture.
If we were Infinite Intelligence, we would know what really is the Truth.
If we were following the "right" path, we would be at peace.
If we could just accept the way it is, we could be happy.
If could create our life the way we want, we would be satisfied.
If we were a vegetarian or a Presbyterian, a Buddhist or a Baptist, we would be "right."
If we could be like …….. or like………, we would be rich or happy like they are.
If we could just listen all the time and follow our inner guidance, we could avoid all pain.

Maybe these are all myths, purported by those who want to believe there is a "right" way.
Maybe those who are fanatical are just those who need to take on their beliefs religiously.
Maybe those who are enthusiastic and devoted are just people who are enthusiastic and devoted.
Maybe those who are disappointed and depressed are just those who are disappointed and depressed.
Maybe those are needy and helpless, victimized by life are just victimized and helpless.
Maybe those who rescue and fix, listen and comfort are just being rescuers and comforters.
Maybe those who exhort us to find the "right" path are just believing strongly there is one.

I am enthusiastic and passionate about an idea, a position, a possibility one moment and then let it go.
I am convinced something must be done about this injustice or that problem, and then know I don't know.
I am certain that this is the best answer for those involved and then see it differently the next day.
I hear to walk east to the top of the hill and before I get there, I hear to go West.

Life is like following a river.
Some of us want to be efficient and take the most direct route.
Some of us want to work hard and so paddle upstream.
Some of us keep getting out of the canoe and sun bathing.
Some of us like to gather passengers until we upset the boat.
Some of us keep rowing even when the river is flowing.
Some of us get out the map to check where we're going.
Some of us love not knowing.
Some of us are along for the ride and enjoy the sights.
Some of us keep checking to see if everything is right.
Some of us are caught up in fear.
Some of us want to take everything that's dear.
Some of us just love being on the river.

Loving you in loving you,
Betty Lue