Tuesday, August 02, 2005

No Accidents

There are no accidents.
Everything is an "on purpose", when seen with Love, appreciation and open-mindedness.
The seeming challenges in my life are to awaken and inspire me to serve the highest Good.
When I resist, avoid, deny or blame the "wake-up call", I am resisting, avoiding and denying the learning.
When I feel victimized, hurt, helpless and defeated, I am making up life of weakness and suffering.

There is always a lesson, a learning, a blessing, a calling, a wakeup, an opportunity in every challenge.
Also remember, we are giving everything we see and feel, hear and see all the meaning it has for us.

We can believe the world we see is chaotic interplay of meaningless activities, as well as and random acts of loving kindness and unloving unkindness.
Or we can believe the world we see is a learning laboratory in which we can learn the power of our thoughts and emotions, words and deeds.
I prefer the later.
If you want to see the beginnings of scientific research, see the popular documentary, "What the Bleep".

If this world is your learning lab, would you rather take responsibility for what you experience, or blame God, "accidents", others or evil?
Taking responsibility, when you judge, hate, fear and make it wrong, is not safe fun and easy.
Taking responsibility for your life and your relationships, when you see it all as opportunity for learning, blessing, healing, letting go, waking up, being inspired and increasing your faith, is wonderful and full of miracles and empowering life experiences.

Our drama comes from not responding to the call.
If there is fear, there is a call for love.
If there is judgment, there is a call for forgiveness.
If there is confusion, there is a call for clarity.
If there is doubt, there is a call for confidence.
If there is conflict, there is a call for peace.
If there is chaos, there is a call of order.
If there is sickness, there is a call for healing.
If there is darkness, there is a call for light.
If there is attachment, there is a call for letting go.
If there is suffering, there is a call for comfort.
If there is distress, there is a call for ease.
If there is complexity, there is a call for simplicity.
If there is a call, there is an opportunity to willingness and openness in response.

I trust, therefore I am willing.
I am willing, so I am able.
I am able, so I act.
I act, so I am leading.
I lead, so I am teaching.
I am teaching, so I am respectful.
I am respectful, so I look beyond what is apparent.
I look beyond what is apparent, and I see the blessing and the call for Love.
I am loving, so I give what is for the highest good.
I give what is for the Good of all, and all benefit.
All benefit, and I celebrate I am co-creating a better world.

Trusting in the learning of All,
Betty Lue