Saturday, August 27, 2005

Missed You!

If you have missed me, know I have really been missing you.
While I am always loving you, there is something truly special about writing my love that works for me.
While I am always here with you, there is something valuable about remembering and reminding.
While I am at one with all humanity, including you, there is a gift in allowing myself to fully express it.
While I am never separate or alone, there is a joy in freely expressing our unity in peace and love.

Yes, I had a birthday and loved that day just as much as every other day.
Yes, I was sick for my party, but my Mom said, "Nobody knew." Did you?
Yes, Gia's custody hearing was Monday. First day back to school was Wednesday. Stressful/successful.
Yes, my mother was with us the last two weeks, one in Michigan and then in CA, but safely home now.
Yes, summer is ending. We are Robert's Mom to Glory of Creation at the Crystal Cathedral next week.
Yes, we are with the four month twins two + days each week and feel blessed and appreciative.
Yes, we are working in the classroom again this year with Gia's new teacher.
Yes, we are recommitted to a healthy and balanced lifestyle with writing, reading, playing, painting, coaching, walking, home care, family, inner listening, community building, home and office renewal.
Yes, I am available for coaching and counseling 4 days/week.
Yes I am excited and delighted about the four groups I am offering, beginning in two weeks.
Yes, we sent out our Loving Reminder Newsletter via US mail to over 700 people.
Email me if you want one. Look on
Yes, our relationship with All That Is remains our highest priority and we live in Love.

How are you Loving?
This is your primary work everyday 24/7!
Recognize and undo any blocks or barriers to the Presence of Love in and around you.

How are you Living?
This is your primary gift in being a human on Earth.
Fully enjoy and appreciate all that is in you and around you.

What are you creating?
This is your contribution, your legacy and your self expression.
Create Good and Health and Happiness with your thoughts and word and deeds.

I am so appreciative to be home with you in Love, creating happiness for All.
Betty Lue