Sunday, August 07, 2005

Happiness—What's that?

"I don’t know what happiness really is.
I am sure that it is unique to each individual, but what does it feel like?
I am assuming that it should be peace of mind and relaxation but yet joy and love and laughter.
I know that it has to do with attitude.
I have always believed that to be happy life had to be perfect with all good days and no bad ones.
I don’t believe that is so any more. I know that when a bad time hits I would like to get the issue out in the open and discuss it and be able to look at it from a different perspective.
But I am having a tough time feeling the feeling."

Some say happiness is what comes when you are doing what you love.
Some say happiness is a habit, like worrying or being judgmental.
Some say happiness comes when you are behaving ethically, in alignment with your values.
Some say happiness is a feeling and some say it is an attitude of gratitude.
Some say happiness is acquired when you are living right and some say when you are giving right.
Some say happiness is passed on from generation to generation.
Some say happiness is simply a choice to give voice to what is good and beautiful and holy.

I believe our culture is depressed, (more in the Midwest), walking cases of suppressed happiness.
I believe when you remove the clouds of gloom and doom, you will always find the sun shining.
I believe that the Son shines within you. I t warms your heart and lights your way.
But if you are looking out rather than within, you will miss the glow and the guidance.
I believe that when you return to those moments of happiness you have felt, you were free, confident and in love with life.
There was no self-consciousness, self judgment or shame. You were not angry or blaming or hurt.
When you are happy, you are free from negative thinking, limiting beliefs and painful history.

Consider giving up for 30 days those cloudy thoughts, painful issues and reasons to be unhappy.
Consider letting go of what is wrong and undoing what does not work for you.
Consider remembering to be grateful, open-minded and loving and watch you happiness quotient grow.

My friend Rhonda Hull, Ph.D. wrote Driving Yourself Happy.
Every Loving Reminder will lead you to greater happiness.

Let this become your new goal:
Choose daily to have a happy day and give your happiness away.
The more you give the more you have and a happy world will be created by you.

Loving You,
Betty Lue