Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Motivation and You

What motivates you to do what you do?
What moves you into action?
What mobilizes your energy to eat, to work, to live, to give?

Are you giving that you might receive what you feel you need?
Is our giving really our receiving?
Are we here to give to ourselves by giving to others?
Are we all just fulfilling our own perceived needs by meeting the perceived needs in the world?
Are we projecting the world’s needs from our own inner self denial or believed lack?
Is there a way by giving to others we can fill our own needs?
And can we give to ourselves as freely as we give to others?
When we are fulfilled, do we recognize we need do nothing?

This is a wonderful opportunity to see what it is we need to give and receive.
Now is the time to take responsibility for our gift here, both given and received.
It is essential to be fulfilled that we receive the message and the essential gift in all our giving.
Nothing truly given is lost or given away.
Everything truly given is fully received by the giver.

Are you motivated to help and be helped?
Are you motivated to teach and to learn?
Are you motivated to save and be saved?
Are you motivated to nurture and be nurtured?
Are you motivated to give and receive intimacy?
Are you motivated to prosper others and be prosperous?
Are you motivated to provide for others and be provided for?
Are you motivated to reassure and be reassured?
Are you motivated to heal and be healed?
Are you motivated to inspire and be inspired?

What motivates you?
Have you fully received the gift you are giving?
Are you willing to give what you want to have?
Are you willing to teach your world by being what you want to see?

Betty Lue