Saturday, January 10, 2004

Why Do It?

Why should you get up in the morning?
Why teach what you want to learn?
Why give your best?
Why keep your promises?
Why be forgiving?
Why heal the past?
Why learn how to love unconditionally?
Why trust God?
Why take care of your Self?
Why be honest and fair?
Why reach out and touch others’ lives with Goodness?

It is the right thing to do.
It feels good.
It creates a better world for you and others, too.

Whatever you think and say and do teaches everyone everywhere.
When we are not living the way we want our world to be, we help it slide into unconscious error, selfishness, violence and craziness.
When we find and live a better way, we see the results in our own life.
We are healthier, happier and more Fulfilled.
I see life can be fun, safe and easy, because I Am.
Betty Lue