Tuesday, January 27, 2004

What Is Real?

If what I see and hear is interpreted through filters of history, beliefs, programming and expectation, what is real?
If what I feel is the response to my perception through these filters in my mental computer, are my feelings based on what is real or what is distorted and misperceived?
If my thoughts are a product of my learned response, my fears and judgments of my experiences, how can my thoughts be real?
If my judgments of right and wrong, good and evil, are creating my experience of “reality”, how can I undo this fearful and ungodly miscreation?

Meditation and prayer bring neutrality, open-mindedness, and trust to all perceptions.
Meditation and prayer are an invitation for vision, to see all things with the eyes of God.
Meditation and prayer open the way to perceive with wonder of a child.
Meditation and prayer heal my mind and my attitude that I might see the gift and the blessing.
Meditation and prayer encourage my heart to extend Love and my mind to be enlightened.
When I am healed, I am not healed alone.

When we forgive, erase with Love, we perceive the world new again.
Nothing is named or judged. Everything is new again.

To live fully and freely,
To live abundantly invites us to see ourselves
As beloved, protected and provided for,
With no need to worry or doubt or fear.
Is this reality?

Is the illusion we have made so convincing that we are stuck in the fearful, separated experience, a nightmare that consumes our thoughts, feelings, relationships and resources?
Can we now forgive, erase and release our judgments so that we can see rightly?

What would happen if we trusted in the Love that is our Source?
How would life be if we became as an innocent child?
Who would we be if we lived as the Holy Child of God we are?
What would we perceive if we saw all things as the journey to awakening?
How would life be if we lived in a state of peace and love and joy?
What is real?

Loving you,
Betty Lue