Thursday, January 22, 2004

Under the Weather?

What does that mean?
Letting the weather, the quality of our consciousness affect our well being?

I am responsible for how I respond to whatever I experience.
How I respond to my experience affects the experience I have and how long it lasts.

Some say we are responsible for illness.
Some say it all is gift or a lesson to learn.
Some say we are responsible for our thoughts about illness.
Some say we are responsible for how we respond to an illness.
Some say we are responsible for treating ourselves with love and respect no matter what the appearance.
What do you think about illness? What is your philosophy or belief?

When I judge anyone or anything, the experience lingers and gets stuck in my consciousness.
What we resist persists.
When I am forgiving, the experience naturally moves on through like passing clouds.
What we embrace, softens in gentleness and love.

How do you treat those who are sick, in pain, having difficulty physically or mentally?
All my life I have been privileged to be available to those who are ill, suffering and dying.
While it is not the most joyous experience, I find it extremely rewarding, a true loving reminder.
Whenever there is love, there is healing.
Whenever there is acceptance, there is peace.
Whenever there is compassion, there is shared experience.
Whenever there is kindness, there is love.

What do you seek when you are ill, in need or in pain?
Solitude or companionship?
Quiet focus or distraction?
Encouragement or sympathy?
Time to heal from within or external cures?

For me…trust in my natural healing process..
Give it to God and know I am healed.
See me whole no matter how it might appear.
Love me as I am and judge (fear) nothing.

These reminders are for me and you to be clear about how best to love one another.
Remember, when you don’t know, just ask.

I am listening,
Betty Lue